We stock a range of commonly used medicines for dispensing with prices available on request.

Your pet may need to have had a full medication review within the last six months before a prescription can be dispensed.

Once your animal’s disease or condition has been assessed, your vet will decide on the most appropriate medicine to supply to treat the ailment.

As the owner you will be fully advised on how to administer the medication with advice on any warnings or contraindications.

Please note: orders will be ready for collection two working days from date ordering.

Written prescriptions can be supplied at a cost of £27.00 (additional fee for multiple mediations on the same prescription).

Remember that animals on long-term medication will need to be reviewed from time to time to ensure that the treatment remains correct and relevant. They should have regular checkups at intervals recommended by your vet.

Food can be ready for collection within one working day from the date of ordering.

Please call to confirm if ready to collect, make payment and to arrange a collection time.